Monday, March 24, 2014

Store Tournament Report – Edmonton, Alberta area - 22 March 2014

Eight players showed up at Gamers Alley in Sherwood Park (just outside of Edmonton) to play in what might be the first Netrunner tournament in the area. Not sure why we are so slow in getting organized, as Calgary has had a few already. Hopefully this will be the start of a more active tournament scene.

This was not a store championship. Being that this was the first tournament in the area, we were a bit unsure if there would be enough interest. I think there was enough interest to warrant FFG prizes and perhaps store credit for our next event.

As there were no prizes, I decided to just play the maximum amount of matches, so the tournament was 4 rounds, no cut/elimination.


We had a bit of an unusual mix of identities. Shaper was most popular, representing half of all runners (2 Chaos Theory, 1 Kate and 1 Kit). Three players stuck with criminal, surprisingly all Gabe and one lone Noise. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Android: Netrunner - Fan Fiction - Mr Smith Goes To Weyland

Smith surveyed the Security Operations Room. It was as he expected it. Rows of technicians hunched over their workstations, centered around a large screen at the front. All of them human and in no way similar to each other. Sometimes you could tell who you were working for just by looking at the staff. Everything looked state of the art. To be expected when working for Weyland Consortium. They had the money and were not afraid to spend it to protect their interests. A very young and inexperienced looking man approached him. He looked like the picture you might see next to the definition of Easy Mark in the Anarch hacking bible.

Dale: Good evening. You must be Mr Smith. My name is Dale. I am the junior Security Officer assigned to assist you.

Smith: Is this your first time, Dale?

Dale: I have observed a number of operations, but this is my first time acting as the junior security officer.

Smith: Is one of your family members someone I should know? You're not related to the Chief Security Officer here at Weyland?

Dale: I graduated at the top of my class and I can assure you I am fully trained and ready to provide advice on what tools we have available.

Smith: I hope you are. Without someone to watch over you, you are going to have to be very good if you want a long career at Weyland.

Dale: Yes, sir. We have all the usual tools at our disposal...

Smith: Skip that. I read the briefing. Tell me about the hacker.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Battlefield 4 Announced (with trailer)

Battlefield 4 has been announced for fall 2013.

Here is the 17 minute gameplay trailer:

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Android: Netrunner - A Study in Static Card Spoilers

The next Netrunner Data Pack, A Study in Static is due out this week, but the cards have been leaked on Board Game Geek. This appear to be legit.

Check out this post for the pictures of all the cards (scroll down a bit).

A easier way to view the Study in Static cards at CardGameDB.

Friday, March 8, 2013

First Deluxe Expansion for Android: Netrunner

Update: More Card Spoilers in this thread.

The first expansion for Android: Netrunner was just announced in this Press Release from the Fantasy Flight website.

Called Creation and Control, this expansion adds three new Shaper and HB identities, such as this one for  HB:

Custom Biotics and the Effects of Influence
Would your business plan benefit from extra influence with outside corporations? Haas-Bioroid’s Custom Biotics division believes that influence is the key to success. More open to the exchange of corporate data than other Haas-Bioroid divisions, Custom Biotics leverages its influence within the industry to gain access to the most powerful and efficient ice, upgrades, assets, and operations developed or implemented by NBN or The Weyland Corporation. However, the division’s work in fields that approach Jinteki’s areas of expertise have led to a tense rivalry, and the two are not currently exchanging data or ideas.

And "Kit", a new Shaper identity:

Rielle “Kit” Peddler, the Puzzle-Solver
Each piece of ice is built differently, but most fall into one of three archetypes: sentry, barrier, or code gate. Accordingly, runners learn how each of these strings of code tend to function and develop proper counter measures. Sentries are the most aggressive of ice, and runners typically develop icebreakers that permit them to slip past the sentries or “kill” them. Barriers stand between runners and their goals and must be broken or “jumped.” Finally, code gates work like miniature puzzles. They modify a runner’s approach toward a server, and unless a runner can “solve” the puzzle, the run is wrested away from the runner’s control. But what if you could see the underlying puzzle in any piece of code? Then, like Rielle “Kit” Peddler, you might be able to use fewer tools to successfully navigate corporate servers, thus limiting the amount of time spent building your rig and increasing the amount of time you spend running.
The expansion is to contain 55 new cards with three copies of each for a total of 165 cards.

In addition to the identities, that leaves 49 other new cards, twenty-seven of which will be neutral. Interesting additions to an excellent game.

Release date: Q2 2013

New Upgrade for HB from Creation and Control
New Shaper Program from Creation and Control

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Noobs and Noob Play - Session Report - Android: Netrunner

This session report is for two games played on 26 Feb 2013. Both players were new to the game and these are the first games using our own built decks and with a proper understanding of the rules. Each player has only one Core set and we each took a turn playing the Corp and the Runner.

First game: Kate vs NBN (Me)
Second game: Noise (Me) vs Weyland

I will describe the second game first as it was a bit of a blowout, while the first game was very close and could have gone either way a few times. At the end of this session report, I will also put out some lesson I learned so that you, gentle reader, will not make the same mistakes.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Session Report - BSG Exodus - Aborted 7 Player Game

This 7 player game was played on 16 February 2013. From the Pegasus Expansion we used Pegasus but did not use New Caprica. From the Exodus Expansion, we used the Conflicted Loyalties and the Cylon Pursuit board, but not the Ionian Nebula. We played without a Cylon Sympathizer.

The players, in turn order:

Baltar (President)- Nate
Anders (CAG) - Kyle
Helo - Cody
Cally - Dimetrios
Leoben (Cylon) - Tim
Dee - Mike
Tigh (Admiral) - Me

Just as in the show, I am one of the Final Five. Finding this out will result in the other player being executed. 

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Blog Post by Jon Shafer Designer of Civ 5

Follow this link to a post by Jon Shafer from his blog about the design of Civ 5. This is a very open and self critical reflection of the good, the bad and the choices made in the development of Civ 5. Public honesty like this is a rarity.

Of course, this is serving to promote his Kickstarter for a new game in development, At The Gates, but is still a good read.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Android: Netrunner

I recently decided to get into the card game Android: Netrunner. Card games are popular at my FLGS, with Magic: The Gathering being the obvious choice. Anyone familiar with the collectible card game scene will know that M:TG is so popular that it has laid waste to all the other collectible card games, some with very popular IP's, that have tried to compete with it. For those not in the know, if you want to play some type of collectible or limited card game, if it is not Magic, it might be difficult to find other players. 

While I do play some Magic, (I have to, it is so popular) I don't like the way collectible card games are designed to milk the customer. Constant releases of cards, new decks every 3-4 months and the random nature of what cards you get make it more of a pay to win type of game.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hegemonic Kickstarter Update #14

With 5 days to go, the Hegemonic Kickstarter has reached its $55k stretch goal.

If you enjoy 4x Space Board Games and want to be one of the first to play this game, head over to their Kickstarter page and make a pledge.