Saturday, September 17, 2011

Session Report - Battlestar Galactica - Who Shuffled These?

Who Shuffled These?

At my FLGS I have been bringing Battlestar for the last few sessions. It is popular and fits in with the crowd, although most are Warhammer 40K players (I am trying to convert them to more boardgames).

This was a six player game with four players having had 2-3 games and 2 having never played before. Surprisingly enough, most players have not seen the show (with some only starting to watch due to playing the game). I quickly explained the concept, went over turn order, talked about reveling and cylon strategies, and we started.


President Laura Roslin (Me)
Admiral Adama

I am not a cylon

The game starts our normally, with the pilots taking off to blast cylons. Adama is being played by Matt (he runs the store) and he is sneaky, so I am automatically suspicious of him. Getting into the spirit of the game, one of the new players immediately accuses everyone of being a cylon. This seems to make the cylon nervous and he lays low. Skill checks pass and there is no indication of a cylon in our midst. I am always suspicious of Adama (Matt) but we are jumping well, and he even gets the event card that moves us one space.

So far, we have been getting through our events fairly well, passing most of them but losing some population and food along the way.

Near disaster strikes. Someone pulls one of the cylon Attack Crisis cards. I go next and pull 2 Attack crisis cards. All of a sudden space is full of cylons and we are in trouble. At that moment the Chief revels, hoping to put the nail in the coffin. We jump at -3 and barely make it out, heading to the sleeper phase.

After the sleeper phase, things go fairly quietly, until the cylon uses his Super Crisis card to put some pressure on us. We make it through somehow getting to 8 distance with our population down to 2. Through the last few rounds, a bunch of "President loses skill cards or lose population/food" have been coming up, resulting in me having 3 turns with no skill cards. As a result, when I pull up the next "President discard 3 skill cards or lose two population", I have no choice, we lose 2 population and humans lose. Anti climatic to say the least.

A string of Cylon Attack Crisis cards and then a string of "President discards.." events. Who shuffled these?

Anyone else think it unusual to have a cylon revel before the sleeper phase?

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