Monday, March 24, 2014

Store Tournament Report – Edmonton, Alberta area - 22 March 2014

Eight players showed up at Gamers Alley in Sherwood Park (just outside of Edmonton) to play in what might be the first Netrunner tournament in the area. Not sure why we are so slow in getting organized, as Calgary has had a few already. Hopefully this will be the start of a more active tournament scene.

This was not a store championship. Being that this was the first tournament in the area, we were a bit unsure if there would be enough interest. I think there was enough interest to warrant FFG prizes and perhaps store credit for our next event.

As there were no prizes, I decided to just play the maximum amount of matches, so the tournament was 4 rounds, no cut/elimination.


We had a bit of an unusual mix of identities. Shaper was most popular, representing half of all runners (2 Chaos Theory, 1 Kate and 1 Kit). Three players stuck with criminal, surprisingly all Gabe and one lone Noise.