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Store Tournament Report – Edmonton, Alberta area - 22 March 2014

Eight players showed up at Gamers Alley in Sherwood Park (just outside of Edmonton) to play in what might be the first Netrunner tournament in the area. Not sure why we are so slow in getting organized, as Calgary has had a few already. Hopefully this will be the start of a more active tournament scene.

This was not a store championship. Being that this was the first tournament in the area, we were a bit unsure if there would be enough interest. I think there was enough interest to warrant FFG prizes and perhaps store credit for our next event.

As there were no prizes, I decided to just play the maximum amount of matches, so the tournament was 4 rounds, no cut/elimination.


We had a bit of an unusual mix of identities. Shaper was most popular, representing half of all runners (2 Chaos Theory, 1 Kate and 1 Kit). Three players stuck with criminal, surprisingly all Gabe and one lone Noise. 

On the Corp side all identities were represented. Weyland was strong with 4 BABW, two TWIY*, one HB:ETF and one Jinteki: PE.

Win Rate

The most interesting stat was the Corp win rate. Corps dominated the day, wining 59% of games (19 wins), the runners only successful 37% (12 wins) of the time (1 tie). Perhaps this enforces the strength of the Criminals, as even though Shaper represented half of the runners, they took only one third (4) of the runner wins with Gabe taking two thirds (8). With half of the players running Weyland and Corps doing so well, a full 52% (10) of winning Corp games were by BABW. HB, Jinteki and TWIY each saw three wins.

Although I was the TO, I decided to play, since with such a small field its painful to have a bye. It worked out fairly well, as the only time there was a dispute was over a card during my last game.

I did not expect to play, as we had an even number of players pre register. However, one additional player showed up and I wanted to keep the numbers even. I was ready to play just in case, but my decks were nothing special, both were decks I had played for the last few weeks. My Gabe deck included the usual criminal tricks, flexible breakers (Gordian, Ninja, Corroder plus Faerie) and lots of econ. For surprises I included one Sneakdoor, one Keyhole and one Nerve Agent to add pressure to the centrals if needed. My Weyland is a Punitive Counterstrike deck. It runs all 5/3 agents except for 2 Hostile Takeovers (Archer food), all Operations econ, a split between big and small ice (one Flare for surprise factor), along with Archived memories and Jackson. The plan is to set up a strong remote with lots of credits and force the runner to run it to steal the 5/3 and get PC'd, or allow the score. Simone did good work baiting a run or saving money advancing the 5/3's

Round 1 vs Kit/Jinteki:PE

I faced my regular sparring partner. He knows both of my decks well, although I made a few slight changes to Gabe the night before. I know his Kit deck well and his Jinteki has been making Gabe miserable, forcing a number of small changes. He chooses to run first and steals a 5/3 in the firsts or second turn with four cards in hand. I have a Punitive in hand with an Archived Memories but lack the credits to use it twice. He goes on to win but the game is very long. We scramble to play our second match. Gabe steals agendas and I have the match in hand but am stuck at 6 points. I need the win to split the match. With 3 seconds left in the game, I steal a Fetal from HQ to win.

Round 2 vs Kate/BABW

I don't remember this game well. I win the Corp match but I get only 1 prestige for the runner game as it goes to time.

Round 3 vs Chaos/TWIY*

I run first and have an incredible string of luck.First turn he ices HQ, installs in a remote. I happen to have Keyhole in hand, so I install it and hit it twice, getting a Beale and Astro. He ices R&D but I hit the remote and HQ, forcing the rez and Keyhole another 2 pointed out of R&D. The next turn I install Sneakdoor and access another agenda for the win. Four accesses, four agendas. I lose my Corp game. Chaos is packing a recursion deck and is drawing through it at a furious pace. She easily has enough econ to get into my remote and surprise siphons reduce my credit pool to the point where I cannot use PC.

Round 4 vs Gabe/HB

I run first and this is the tightest game of the day. He is playing HB with some fast advance. We go back and forth with agendas. Eventually we are both at match point when he drops a 3/2 his remote. I top deck an inside job to get by big ice (I think it was a curtain wall) to steal the win. His Gabe deck has a tough time. He only has single accesses and gets into HQ regularly but keeps seeing PC and gets frustrated. I have a Cleaners scored and am trying to set up the big remote with taxing ice with a 5/3 to set up the win/flatline. I have 3 PC's in hand and am just about to put in the 5/3 when he coincides the game.

Overall, a successful event. Things went smoothly and I think everyone had a good time. The next tournament should be even bigger.

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