Monday, February 18, 2013

Android: Netrunner

I recently decided to get into the card game Android: Netrunner. Card games are popular at my FLGS, with Magic: The Gathering being the obvious choice. Anyone familiar with the collectible card game scene will know that M:TG is so popular that it has laid waste to all the other collectible card games, some with very popular IP's, that have tried to compete with it. For those not in the know, if you want to play some type of collectible or limited card game, if it is not Magic, it might be difficult to find other players. 

While I do play some Magic, (I have to, it is so popular) I don't like the way collectible card games are designed to milk the customer. Constant releases of cards, new decks every 3-4 months and the random nature of what cards you get make it more of a pay to win type of game.

In contrast, limited card games such as Android: Netrunner, give you all the cards you need to play in the base set. While there are a number of expansions released (4? small ones so far, but more planned), players have access to all the cards and therefore are on even footing when building a deck. The game is more about how you play and what you put in your deck than about buying lots of decks it get the "good" cards. The strategy aspect appeals to me. Also, because the base set has all the cards, you can use it to easily introduce new players to the game. 

Based on the quick rise of Android: Netrunner in the charts on Board Game Geek, it seems that many people find this game appealing and Fantasy Flight has as winner on their hands. The person at my FLGS whom I introduced to the game and learned to play with so enjoyed the game (even though we had many rules wrong) that he went out and bought a copy. 

I was going to write about Android: Netrunner but someone else has already done a good job of that, so, being the lazy person that I am, I am just going to link to his stuff about Android: Netrunner on Rogue Thoughts.

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That should get you started. I will link to the rest of this Android: Netrunner stuff in a future post. Or you can go to his blog Rogue Thoughts. Once I get into the game a bit more I will start to post about my own experiences and strategies.

Happy Running.

Update: Additional Resources for Android: Netrunner


A nice site with all the cards for easy reference 

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