Saturday, November 12, 2011

Session Report - Battlestar Galactica - Why Random Execution Can End A Game

This game was played on Saturday, October 29th. Seven players were present and we used the Pegasus Expansion for the first time with the Cylon Leader rule.

Ellen Tigh - Matt
Chief - Johnroy
Saul Tigh - Me
Kat - Will
Admiral Cain - Remmington
Starbuck - Brandon
Cavel (Cylon Leader) - Nate

I am not a Cylon.

This was our first time playing the Pegasus Expansion and a few people were quite excited to try it out. I tried to give a quick rules review and go over the new stuff, but our group is a bit impatient, preferring the "pick it up as we go along" route. This may have contributed to the fail.

Also, some people were quite interested to try out the airlocking rule (I am looking at you, Matt). It was a forgone conclusion that someone was going to get airlocked, Cylon or not, just to see what would happen. This did strongly contribute to our fail.

Admiral Cain starts the game our poorly, hitting a Basestar for structural damage but we fail our hanger accident crisis, losing 1 population and damaging 2 vipers. Starbuck does the usual and launches herself, Ellen Tigh (president) starts collection Quarum cards. Cavel (Cylon Leader) pretty much declares himself as having a Cylon win goal by placing a Basestar and activating Raiders on his turn, and pretty much guaranteeing he will be airlocked if he tries to infiltrate. Tigh XO's Starbuck, Kat uses max firepower and kills 3 raiders. A pretty average first turn. 

The second turn is average as well. The group finally convinces Cain to move to Pegasus and she destroys a Basestar. The pilots kill some more raiders, the Chief repairs the Armoury, and I move there and kill our boarder. We lose another population and a fuel to failed crises, our Cylon enemy wastes his turn and the president continues her Quarum card collection. 

The third turn is also very average except that Kat is put into sick bay and to vipers are destroyed. Cavel XO's Starbuck to kill more raiders. Trying to get back into our good books?

The fourth turn heats things up. Cain pulls Thirty-Three as a crisis and puts more Cylons on the board. Starbuck is next and pulls up Jammed Assault, losing civilian ships and 2 population and a fuel. Things go from under control to a Cylon swarm after 2 players. I state out loud that I wish I was a Cylon. We have to get out of there and fast. Ellen Tigh XO's Cain so she can use her once per game ability and blind jump the fleet. We make out pretty good, jumping a distance of 3 and even getting a fuel out of it.

For the Chief's next turn he pulls the Assassination Plot crisis, which allows the President to execute someone. No one has acted suspiciously, but the one player who really wants to airlock someone has the choice. Ellen Tigh picks Admiral Cain to execute. I warn about the cost if Cain is human (loss of morale), but if she is gone, I get to be Admiral. Plus, Cain was a bit of a bitch on the show, so it is not like she doesn't deserve it. Ellen decides to let the fates decide. 1-4 and Cain is executed. Fates want Cain to pay for being a bitch and a one is rolled. Cain is human.

This causes some reviewing of the rules for me to ensure we do this right, as it is our first time. Remmington (the one executed) picks Boomer as his replacement. Everyone is watching him as he gets his loyalty cards and he has the worst poker face ever. Everyone immediately knows he was dealt a Cylon card and calls him on it. He immediately declares and revels he is a Cylon. In disgust, he throws all his loyalty cards on the table and he has two "You are a Cylon" cards, letting everyone know that no one else is a Cylon and that whomever he gives his card to will be a Cylon. 

Epic fail and the game is pretty much ruined. Fortunately, we had started this game late (after midnight) and it was already 3 am, so by mutual agreement, we decide to end it. I don't think anyone was too disappointed. I was already really tired and, at the rate we were going, we were going to be there until breakfast. 

Overall, a fail, but we got a good introduction to the new rules (treachery cards, etc) and no one will make the mistake of reveling all their loyalty cards again next time. It is unfortunate we did not get the chance to try out New Caprica, but it gives us something for next time.

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