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Session Report - BSG Exodus - Party in Sickbay with Anders

This 7 player game was played on 3 March 2012. From the Pegasus Expansion we used Pegasus and had one Cylon Leader but did not use New Caprica. From the Exodus Expansion, we used the Conflicted Loyalties and the Cylon Pursuit board, but not the Ionian Nebula. We played without a Cylon Sympathizer.

The players, in turn order:

Cain (Admiral) – Jeff
Starbuck (CAG) – Brandon (again)
Tori (President) – Matt
Cally – Geoff
Anders – Me
Tigh – George
Six (Cylon Leader) – Will

I am not a Cylon.

This is the first game I have played a pilot. I am really looking forward to getting out there and blasting some Cylons. Brandon, who always plays Starbuck, seems to get a kick out of blasting them, so I am keen to give it a try.

If you have been reading my BSG Session Reports lately, you know that the humans have been losing every time, and if you know anything about BSG, you will also know that the humans have been playing with, shall we say, less than optimal strategies. So, this game was a bit more encouraging as Cain started the game by XO'ing Starbuck and getting her out in space right off the bat. Unfortunately, Cain's crisis is Civilian Ship Nuked, so we all gain treachery cards and we lose a civilian ship of 1 population and 1 fuel. Not a good start. However, Starbuck is next and she goes after the raiders, uses Maximum Firepower and kills 5 raiders. This is why Starbuck is the best pilot. Unfortunately, we fail her crisis, A Traitor Accused and someone has to go to the Brig. I volunteer, as I don't get skill cards on my first turn, due to my weakness. Tori draws Quorum cards, but her crisis loses us 1 food and the remaining raiders shoot Starbuck and put her into Sickbay. Cally fixes 2 of the new vipers, but we fail her crisis as well. I try to get myself out of the Brig, but without cards, I must rely on the Destiny deck and the kindness of my fellow players. I get out, but we fail my crisis, Cylon Virus, and 13 raiders are moved onto the Galactica board. Tigh XO's Starbuck, but his crisis, Labour Dispute, makes us lose 2 morale and FTL and the Hanger are damaged, sending Anders and Cally to Sickbay. Six moves to the Resurrection Ship and draws a super crisis card.

Our first turn is over. No one is acting suspiciously, but we have failed 3 of our six crisis and have lost 1 each of population, fuel and food and 2 morale.

Turn 2 and Cain decides to use a nuke. A bit early, but considering we never seem to use them all and we have 2 Basestars and 13 raiders, probably a good idea. Not very good targeting, only one Basestar is destroyed. We have to clear those raiders. Starbuck moves to engage and, although I was saving it for myself, I play Best of the Best, and she kills 4 raiders. We fail her crisis, Bomb Threat, and the raiders move to attack Starbuck. Nine raiders vs one Starbuck, she is bound to join Anders and Cally in Sickbay. Starbuck plays Interference, knocking the 9 raiders down to five. The five move to attack, the first 4 miss, the last one goes in for a hit, but Evasive Maneuvers saves Starbuck. We autojump. Cain takes us a distance of 1 but we gain 2 fuel. I am a bit suspicious, but it is early and Cain claims the other card was distance 1 as well, with worse consequences.

Tori draws a Quorum card and we fail another crisis, Airlock Leak. Very few people are contributing to skill checks. The Centurion that had boarded Galactica moves one more step towards venting our Oxygen. Cally fixes the Hanger, so I can get out there on my turn and we decide to rescue the Caprica Survivors, losing 1 fuel and food to gain 1 population. I launch in a viper on my turn, looking to be as useful as Starbuck. My crisis is Weapons Malfunction, which we fail, putting me in Sickbay. My second turn and I have already been in the Brig once and Sickbay twice. Tigh XO's Starbuck. I desperately want him to use it on me, but Starbuck is already out there and we need someone to keep raiders off of the many civilian ships. Six decides to infiltrate and we purposely fail her crisis, Guilt by Collusion. We suspect her of being against our interests, but based on the lack of cards and our failure of skill checks, we decide to tank it. The raiders hit Starbuck, putting her in Sickbay and kill a civilian ship, costing the fleet 1 population.

Turn 3 and the humans are in a difficult situation. While there are no obvious Cylons, skill checks are being failed. The humans can't seem to get it together, but there are no obvious reasons or persons to blame. Cain starts the turn by XO'ing Starbuck to get her out in space to defend. Cain's crisis is Mandatory Testing. There is some discussion on who to be checked, and the president decides to check Cain. I would prefer to check the president, but that is not an option. Tori says Cain is not a Cylon. We autojump and Cain takes us to an Asteroid field, a distance of 3 making our distance a total of 4, but we lose 2 fuel and 2 population. The sleeper phase begins. I am still not a Cylon.

Starbuck launches and escorts a civilian ship. With morale low, the humans have been pressuring the president to use some of those Quorum cards to raise morale. Tori finally uses one, but to raise food. I am suspicious and voice that suspicion to the rest of the players. Tori goes out of her way to prove that she does not have a card to raise morale, even showing her Quorum cards to us. She is trying too hard, I think she is a Cylon. We fail her crisis and lose morale. Someone has to go to Sickbay. Cain volunteers and the Centurion moves. One more space and the Cylons win. Cally repairs the Armoury and we fail Network Computers. Someone plays Iron Will into the skill check and we lose 2 morale and 1 population. We have to kill the boarder. I move to the Armoury and use my one time ability to kill the Centurion. We fail our crisis and lose 1 fuel. By this time I am pretty sure Tori is a Cylon. She has been acting suspiciously and not helping out much. Tigh and I have been talking, and on his turn he Brigs Tori. After some discussion on the pros and cons of executing Tori, Cain decides to put her out the airlock. Tori is revealed as a Cylon. Cally becomes president. We fail Tigh's crisis on purpose, since we do not have many cards and are unlikely to pass it. We now have 2 Basestars in front of Galactica. Six launches 2 vipers to help defend, and we lose 1 morale to her crisis.

Turn 4 and it looks very grim. The humans are short of cards and low on morale and population. We still don't know who is the second Cylon. Cain reveals her personal goal, which is Self Destruction, but her crisis is Ambush by the Press and she discards skill cards. Not good for us, as we are already low on cards. Starbuck kills 2 raiders, but her crisis of Mysterious Message loses us 1 food and damages the Armoury, sending Anders and Cally to Sickbay. This is my third time in Sickbay. Tori moves to the Basestar, places some civilian ships and damages Galactica's Hanger. We need the Hanger fixed, as we need pilots out there to escort civilian ships. But we also need to fix the Armoury. Cally is next and there is some discussion, and the Armoury gets repaired. The crisis is Interrogation and I am checked. I try to convince everyone to check someone else, but no luck. It is announced that I am not a Cylon. We lose 1 food to the crisis and the Admirals Quarters is damaged, sending Tigh to Sickbay. I am next and have no cards. I get to draw one and get State of Emergency. I want to launch and blast some Cylons, but with so many people in sickbay, with so few skill cards among the humans, and a lot of Cylons and civilian ships on the board, the humans are done unless we take some action. I play State of Emergency, which allows everyone a turn, even Cylons. Its risky, but we have to get some actions and skill cards. Anders and Tigh move out, Six escorts a civilian ship, and Cain uses her ability to force us to jump. Cain moves us a distance of 1 for a total of 5.

Still on turn 4, Cylon Tori stays on the Basestar and tries to mess with us. Cally draws a Quorum card. Her crisis is Hidden Explosives, a raptor is destroyed and Anders is sent to Sickbay (4 times). Our raiders activate and the Cylons auto pursuit. There are now 2 Basestars and 20 raiders around Galactica. The focus is now on all the raiders. If enough activate, many civilian ships will be destroyed and the humans will lose. Tigh moves to Pegasus and kills 2 raiders but they are activated and 4 ships are destroyed, losing 3 population. The humans are now at 1 population, 2 morale, 5 food and 4 fuel. We still need to go 3 distance and then jump again. Six goes to the Pegasus and uses the main batteries and kills 2 raiders. We (finally) pass a crisis.

Turn 5 and Cain uses her last nuke, destroying 2 basestars. Her crisis is Olympic Carrier which we fail. We lose 1 morale and 1 population.

Humans lose.

Cally is the other Cylon. Both Cally and Tori were Cylons from the start of the game. Cally states that she discarded a number of repair cards. Six's win conditions were humans win and 5 raptors/vipers destroyed. 

My first game as a pilot and I get out into space once, but do not get to shoot anything. I am sent to the Brig once and in to Sickbay 4 times. 

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  1. Well good times as always it seems, Maybe you should stick to being admiral or President, it might save you the pain later!