Friday, March 2, 2012

End Of Nations - Preview and Info

World in Conflict is still my favourite game of all time (my post about WiC is here). Although WiC is still going, it is not what it used to be and most of my friends and clanmates have moved on. I have been looking for a replacement for WiC. Is End of Nations that game?

While End of Nations seems to have some of the same elements of WiC (Command Points, several different game types), it actually seems to be more similar to a game I played before WiC called Shattered Galaxy, which is still going on.

In my view, what separates a true strategy game is whether or not a game allows flanking. Do units in the game have different armour/hit point/damage values for different sides. Command and Conquer series and Starcraft: No different values so tha game becomes blob vs blob and rewards the player who can click the fastest, not the best strategy. I am old, and can't compete with those guys, so I tend to avoid those kinds of games.

Shattered Galaxy, although not having different armour values made up for that by having numerous different units, being able to modify those units and by requiring cooperation in order to win. Similar to WiC, I think the cooperation aspect is most appealing to me. I will be watching this title closely.

Here are a number of perviews to check out:

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