Thursday, February 21, 2013

Session Report - BSG Exodus - Aborted 7 Player Game

This 7 player game was played on 16 February 2013. From the Pegasus Expansion we used Pegasus but did not use New Caprica. From the Exodus Expansion, we used the Conflicted Loyalties and the Cylon Pursuit board, but not the Ionian Nebula. We played without a Cylon Sympathizer.

The players, in turn order:

Baltar (President)- Nate
Anders (CAG) - Kyle
Helo - Cody
Cally - Dimetrios
Leoben (Cylon) - Tim
Dee - Mike
Tigh (Admiral) - Me

Just as in the show, I am one of the Final Five. Finding this out will result in the other player being executed. 

This game consisted of a few new players, one of which had to leave just after the sleeper phase, so we called the game at that point. The game was shaping up to be interesting so it is a shame it could not be completed. 

Turn 1 starts in typical BSG fashion. Baltar moves to Colonial One, draws a quorum card and plays Probation. Rescue the fleet comes up and we lose 2 population. Anders launches and fires at Cylon raiders. His crisis is Reunite the Fleet which we easily pass, even the destiny deck is on our side. He proves what a poor shot he is by missing the raiders. Cally repairs 2 vipers and we easily pass her crisis, Network Computers, again with destiny on our side. The Cylon raiders damage one viper but the jump track moves twice. Leoben does not move to the Cylon Basestar but uses his turn to check the crisis deck and draw more skill cards, none of them from the treachery deck. I suspect he has a "humans win" goal. Dee moves to the Lab and draws a card. With several of the new vipers still not repaired, I immediately suggest to the other players that Dee (a new player) may be a Cylon. Although new, we did suggest that the best move for Dee would be to repair, but she chose to go to the Lab. She does not deny being a Cylon, but it is too early to do anything about it, and I decide she bears watching. Her crisis is Mysterious Guide and the raiders shoot down Anders, putting him into Sick Bay. For his turn, Tigh XO's Anders to ensure he gets cards on his turn and he launches and kills a raider. The crisis is Food Shortage and President Baltar chooses to lose 2 food and I add him to my suspected Cylon list. 

At the end of turn one, with no spikes to the skill checks, I suspect Leoben is pro human and only Dee and Baltar have done anything to bring suspicion on themselves. I do not mention to anyone about my suspicion about Baltar, as he is an aggressive player and any accusations I make will just be met with counter accusations and may tend to confuse the inexperienced players. With Baltar being the only other player with as much experience with BSG as me, I will continue to include him in private discussions about who is a Cylon and see what he says. 

Turn 2 and Baltar continues to draw quorum cards. His crisis is Pressure Supply Ship and we lose 1 morale and gain 1 food. This seems the logical course as Baltar should be able to raise morale later with a quorum card. Anders is shot down and ends up in Sick Bay again, ensure that he will not get skill cards on his turn and partially wasting my XO. However, we jump and I pull two 2 distance destination cards and choose Mining Asteroid. Anders gets out of Sick Bay and launches. His crisis is Training Snafu which we pass. Helo gets to play this turn and he launches and escorts a civilian ship. He pulls Water Shortage and the president discards. The base star completes its jump track and jumps in. Cally repairs 2 vipers but we fail her crisis, Threat of Supernova (no spikes). A heavy raider launches and the Armoury on Galactica is damaged. Leoben uses Face of God, checks the crisis card and draws more skill cards. At this point there is a discussion on the likelihood Leoben is pro human, with my main point being that if he was pro Cylon, he would likely spend his time on the Cylon Basestar. Without supporting or denying, Leoben claims he has a certain strategy that he is trying out. Dee repairs the Armoury, and her crisis, rescue Mission, has us lose 1 fuel and 1 Raptor. However, we finish our jump track and I pull a 1 and a 2 destination card. It is an easy choice and I choose to go to a Barren Planet and the sleeper phase begins. 

My sleeper card is not a Cylon. For my turn I move to the Pegasus engine room to increase the jump track. My crisis is Mandatory Testing, which will allow Baltar to check one of my cards. I decide to let this go and do nothing to help or hinder it, letting fate decide. I am a bit suspicious of Baltar, so if he picks the Final Five card, I may find out if he is a Cylon. Baltar picks the Final Five card and is executed. He also reveals that he is a Cylon. Problem solved and fate seems to be on the side of the humans.

Turn 3 begins and Baltar, encouraged by Leoben (whose actions and enthusiasm for hurting the humans are starting to make me question my pro human conclusion), moves to the Basestar location and places 6 Cylon raiders. Anders, keeping with his theme, fires at the Cylon raiders and misses, His Crisis is Mysterious Message and the Cylon Basestar fires at Galactica, hitting FTL and the Armoury.

At this point, Helo has to leave and there are no players to replace him, so we decide to call the game.

Leoban is reveled to have a pro human goal with a secondary goal of having two of our resources within 2 of each other. Baltar has been a Cylon from the start and the second Cylon is Dee, also from the start of the game.

It is unfortunate that the game ended, it appeared as if there were some interesting dynamics.

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