Monday, April 20, 2009

1st Post

About Me

I have been gaming since I was small. I have always loved playing games and still do. I think it is hardwired into males of our species. We have a desire to compete and win built into us. Since we no longer go out every day and kill or food to prove our masculinity, we need to find other ways to prove ourselves. For me, that is gaming.

I am old, (forty next year) so I have seen most of the growth of modern computer gaming. I remember my father (a teacher) bringing home a Commodore PET computer from school one summer and playing that tank game on it. It had a tape (as in cassette tape) drive and you had to press play to load the game into the machine. That game was so simple yet so fun. I think I would play it still.

I don’t claim to be a computer game expert. My interest in computer games is all over but specific to things that interest me. I do not have an overview of the industry, but I remember playing online games on a BBS with the Commodore 64.

My area of interest is probably strongest in the RTS genre. I remember the first RTS, Dune II and thinking how much better it was than turn based games. Unfortunately, although fun, I do not particularly enjoy playing them competitively, as the strategy aspect of them seems to become more a test of who can have the best tank rush build and the game degenerates into a “clickfest”. Being old, with my reflexes quickly slowing, I am at an inherent disadvantage. Besides, games should be about the best strategic planning, not who can move a mouse the fastest. Did Patton and Rommel go into the desert and see who could draw their pistol fastest?

Why this Blog?

Why not? I have been interested in writing and have dabbled with it all my life. Why not write about something I enjoy?

I will look to putting my thoughts about gaming down about twice a week. Come by and see what is up. Readers feel free to suggest sites, games and topics that interest you. This is a blog about games for gamers. Share your great games.

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