Friday, September 23, 2011

Session Report - Battlestar Galactica - Can You Jump Any Farther?

My FLGS had another gaming day last weekend and the group played another 2 games of Battlestar. Here is the first session report.

This was a base game (no expansions) with six players and a sympathizer.


President Roslin - Me
Adama - Jeff
Apollo - Craig
Boomer - Matt
Helo - George
Chief - Remmington

I am not a Cylon

The game starts with the Galactica being surrounded by Cylons very quickly. Someone pulls the Cylon virus card, which we fail. A total of 14 Raiders surround us, along with the Basestars and a Heavy Raider. Galactica is hit right off the bat, sending Adama to sick bay and 2 vipers are damaged. We fail the Cylon Virus crisis and are boarded. Laura XO's Boomer who rolls like a champ and kills 5 raiders. Helo XO's Adama, who kills another raider. We jump and pull the distance 3 card. Adama kills the boarder on his turn and the ship is safe. No suspicion has been raised at this point.

So far so good. The next jump will take us to the sleeper phase. The Chief picks the crisis that allows him to look at a loyalty card. He chooses me, and reveals to everyone that I am not a Cylon (the truth). Helo finally gets into the game. Rescue the Fleet Crisis is pulled Adama chooses to lose 2 population instead of pulling out a Basestar and Raiders. As we are close jumping, I immediately suspect Adama of being the Cylon. We jump and Adama picks a distance of 2, putting us at a total distance of 5 with only 2 jumps. If he is the Cylon, he is sure trying to get us to Kobol in a hurry.

Boomer is placed in the brig twice, one for being Boomer and she reveals that she has the sympathizer card. Since at least one of our resources is below critical, she does not become a Cylon. The next Crisis is Terrorist Investigations and Apollo's loyalty is checked. Boomer gets out of the brig easily as no one suspects her.

The next crisis is Forced Water Mining which we fail. This is the first indication that there is a Cylon. Boomer is acting suspicious. She is putting in cards when she has none of the type to help the skill check. Before anyone can put her in the Brig, Boomer reveals and brigs Apollo. Apollo can't get out on his turn. Raiders a civilian ship and population is reduced by one more. We jump a distance of 2 for a total of 7.

Boomer plays her Super Crisis, Bomb on Colonial One, which we pass. We jump again. Apollo finally gets out of the brig.

Due to the fact that the President has not been doing anything useful, Adama gets suspicious and suggests she be brigged. I deny that I am the Cylon. Just before Laura's turn, they brig her. With resources at Morale 1, Fuel 1, Food 6, and pop 7, I reveal. My loyalty card allows me to reduce morale by one if I was not in the brig. Humans save themselves from defeat. The next crisis is Tactical Strike. There are 12 raiders and 4 heavy raiders on the board. If the humans do not jump soon, it could be all over. Helo goes to FTL, and with 7 population left, risks the -3 pop and jumps.

Humans win.

Post Game: I drew my Cylon card in the sleeper phase. Boomer was a Cylon from the beginning. Boomer says she suspected I was also a Cylon. I caught Boomer several times giving me the "Are you the Cylon?" look from across the table after she revealed. I guess my blank stare back said more a nod or a shake. I don't think I am going to use the sympathizer rule next time.

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