Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Battlefield 3 Launches!

I have been anticipating this title for some time now. Three million preorders can't be wrong.

Find some reviews here and here.

The consensus seems to be that the single player campaign is weak, but multiplayer is everything you would expect. BF3 is all about the multiplayer for me anyway.

Itching to play Battlefield 3 for the last few days, I fired up Bad Company 2 and played a few rounds to remind me why I enjoy the franchise so much. Unfortunately for me, money is a bit tight at the Pit and the Wife says we cannot afford to upgrade the gaming PC at this time. It is on its last legs, so I will keep working on her and maybe she will eventually break. Until then, I can seek some advice on how to build a kick ass Battlefield 3 PC here.

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