Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Release

The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut is available today for download, says the Bioware Blog.

I was so looking forward to this game and was so disappointed by the crappy ending. After the controversy and Bioware's defense of their crappy ending, I lost all faith in them. However, I have to give them one last chance. And this is their last chance.

In truth, I have little faith that this downloadable content will save the series. They have been referring to it as an extended cut, something explain the ending. A good story should not need to be explained. I still do not understand how anyone with above 80 IQ can look at that ending and not see that it is crap. They would have done better to just admit they screwed up and fix it. I would rather wait six months for a proper ending then a rushed explanation of a crappy ending.

We shall see what they have done.

Update: Downloading the content now. I am afraid to look at the boards while I wait.

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